Nodinite for Azure Logic Apps

Nodinite is a single solution platform that enables administration, logging and monitoring of all your Azure Integration Services based integrations.

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What is Nodinite for Azure Logic Apps

Nodinite for Azure Logic Apps is always aware of your Azure Integration Services based integrations, so are you. While your systems communicate with each other through Azure Logic Apps, it takes care of everything from logging to monitoring. You save precious time and can focus on your core business instead of complex problems surrounding system integrations.

You are in good company


Monitor all your Azure Logic Apps regardless of the number of Azure Subscriptions

You will only need 1 license and 1 instance of the Azure Logic Apps Logging and Monitoring agent for all your logic apps, regardless of region. The agent has support for multiple subscriptions using different access credentials.

Logging transactions from your workflows

Nodinite grabs all events with payload from both in- and out events with tracked properties and provides correlation Ids which makes it very easy for you to get the whole picture for individual runs.

No custom code, no connectors – minimal impact

To enable logging, no custom code nor connector is needed. Nodinite uses build in functionality to get all the information that is needed!

The most powerful Non-Events monitoring

Get alerts for traffic patterns that do not meet your thresholds. Use logged data together with Log Views and Non Events Agent to create virtually any non-event check imaginable.

End to end tracking and monitoring

Just using Azure Logic Apps is often not enough. However, combining services of Azure Integration Services, is. But that is not it. With Nodinite for Logic Apps you get access to all our agents, at all time, enabling you to see the entire picture.


12 000SEK
per month
  • Access to latest version
  • No transaction/user limits
  • Access to technical support
  • All environments included (Test, QA, Prod)
  • All other logging agents included
  • All other monitoring agents included
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